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Why partner with Mosbeau?

Using Japan’s latest technology, Mosbeau offers its customers with the best of the best supplements & cosmetics that are proven safe & effective. These products satisfy millions of women worldwide and have brought Mosbeau numerous international awards & recognitions from different countries.

Having these edge, Mosbeau grew significantly since its engagement on the international market 10 years ago. Currently, Mosbeau has reached 50 countries & tied up with more than 1,000 business partners around the globe. This success proves the company's edge over other skin care brands - making it a good choice to invest in & grow your business.

Currently, Mosbeau has penetrated the global arena by establishing its headquarters in Japan and the Philippines. It has also tied up with exclusive partners and distributors in different countries, allowing Mosbeau to succeed in the global market. Over-all, Mosbeau’s reach has stretched from Japan to 50 different countries in Asia, America, Australia, Europe, and Africa.

Mosbeau aims to set foot in becoming the leader in providing only the finest source of whitening and anti-aging products in the market. It aims to strengthen and build worldwide relationships by opening its doors to highly potential global partners. Currently, the company is working hand-in-hand with industry leaders from different health & beauty institutions, group of pharmacies, dermatological clinics, wholesale distributors, and major supply chains to join its growing team of accredited partners. Today, Mosbeau has a total of 1,000 business partners.