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Welcome to Mosbeau Online Shop!
Enjoy hassle-free shopping with the help of our step-by-step shopping guide.


For First time user - Create an account
Before starting adding items to your cart, create an account by clicking Sign Up..

Sign Up Page
Fill-out the form and make sure that all information for the required fields are provided.

For Repeat Customers - Log in
For customers with existing account, simply enter your email address and password.


Viewing Product Details
After logging in, start browsing through the Products category where you will find everything you need to know about each product.

Adding to Cart
Once you decided to buy the product, indicate your desired quantity and click ADD TO BAG.

Cart Details
When you add an item to a cart, it will lead you to the cart details page where you will see information about the items in your cart.

Updating or Editing Cart
If you wish to change the quantity of the products you want to purchase, simply change the number in the quantity box. If you wishto add more products to your cart, follow the previous steps.

Click the CHECKOUT button to proceed with your order


Shipping Details

Once you checked out, you will be led to the Shipping Details page where you can change or confirm your shipping address. Here you will also determine your preferred method of shipment.

Shipping Method
Double check if the shipping address indicated at the upper left corner of the page is correct. If not, click the CHANGE ADDRESS button to edit the information.

Choose the method of shipment that you prefer by ticking the circle next to you chosen option.

You may also indicate special instruction for your shipping requests.

After choosing, click to the next step - choosing your payment method

Billing Details
After indicating your shipping preference, your billing information will appear on the screen. Check if the billing address is correct. If not, click the CHANGE ADDRESS button before proceeding in choosing your preferred mode of payment.

Payment Method
Modes of payment vary depending on the location. Please choose your preferred mode of payment by ticking the circle next to your chosen option.

After choosing, click to the next step - confirmation of your order.

If you are prompted to indicate required details, please make sure to fill out all necessary information completely.

Discount Coupon
Type your coupon code into the box next to Redemption Code. Your coupon will be applied to the total amount that will reflect in your cart after you click continue.

Please note that you may only use one coupon per transaction.

Confirmation of Order
All information you have provided will appear on the screen. If all details are correct, click the final step - confirmation of your order.

Once you have confirmed your order, a notification will be sent to you email.

Viewing Order Status
To view the status of your order, click MY ACCOUNT which is found at the right side of the page. It shows your shopping history and orders status.

For further assistance, you may call our customer service numbers:

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Philippines - (+632) 856-9000
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