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Mosbeau can produce a prototype for your
company that carries the latest ingredients from Japan

At Mosbeau, in order to meet customer demands, we can also comprehensively undertake the outsourced manufacturing of our products.

• Consultation

The company is committed to take the best products to a wider reach. In order to fulfill that objective, we open our doors for future partners and existing clients for consultation about business ideas or new product formulations.

• Product Planning

We establish concepts, forms, and prescriptions to come up with products that our customer plans to distribute. We do this by carefully studying the market and gathering information about all the materials required to create the products.

• Sourcing of Ingredients

To maintain the company’s high standards, we assure our customer that all the ingredients we incorporate our products are sourced in Japan. We will provide all the necessary documents the customer needs to support its efficacy, safety, and all other claims.

• Product Development

Our existing products prove that the quality we provide our customers reflect our commitment to perfection. By making a prototype, we will also establish the final production method, calculate the cost, and confirm stability to gain our customer’s trust.

• Production

Our factory located in Japan operates under high safety and quality control. It is certified to meet the standards for medicinal products and dietary supplements. We also have a team of Japanese chemists who assure the safety and potency of our products.